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Target Development

Develop custom software that deploys MATLAB® and Simulink® designs to hardware platforms

Create software to deploy MATLAB and Simulink designs to target hardware. Perform tasks to prototype, verify, and deploy an application to your hardware.


Custom Targets

Create software to deploy MATLAB and Simulink designs to hardware platforms.

Target Development Folders, Files, and Builds

Relate custom system target file development to the folders and files that the build process creates and uses.

Sample Custom Targets

Sample custom system target files you can use as a starting point for target development.

Customize Template Makefiles

Develop a custom template makefile to control the build process.

Customize System Target Files

Develop a custom system target file to meet development goals and to control code generation.

Custom Target Optional Features

Add optional feature support to a custom system target file for compliance with code generation features, such as toolchain compliance and model reference compliance.

Device Drivers

Use device drivers as part of a real-time development project.