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Voltage Measurement回路内の電圧測定
Current Measurement回路内の電流を測定
Three-Phase V-I Measurement回路の三相の電流と電圧を測定する
MultimeterMeasure voltages and currents specified in dialog boxes of Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems blocks
Impedance MeasurementMeasure impedance of circuit as function of frequency
Digital FlickermeterImplement digital flickermeter as described in IEC 61000-4-15 standard
FourierPerform Fourier analysis of signal
Frequency (Phasor)フェーザ信号周波数を測定する
Fundamental (PLL-Driven)Compute fundamental value of signal
Mean (Phasor)Compute mean value of input phasor over a running window of one cycle of specified frequency
Mean (Variable Frequency)Compute mean value of signal
PMU (PLL-Based, Positive-Sequence)Implements a phasor measurement unit using a phase-locked loop
Positive-Sequence (PLL-Driven)Compute positive-sequence component of three-phase signal at fundamental frequency
PowerCompute active and reactive powers of voltage-current pair at fundamental frequency
Power (3ph, Instantaneous)三相瞬時有効電力および無効電力を計算
Power (3ph, Phasor)Compute three-phase active and reactive powers using three-phase voltage and current phasors
Power (PLL-Driven, Positive-Sequence)Compute positive-sequence active and reactive powers
Power (Phasor)Compute active and reactive powers using voltage and current phasors
Power (Positive-Sequence)Compute positive-sequence active and reactive powers
Power (dq0, Instantaneous)三相瞬時有効電力および無効電力を計算
RMS信号の実際の平方根平均二乗 (RMS) 値を計算
Sequence AnalyzerCompute positive-, negative-, and zero-sequence components of three-phase signal
Sequence Analyzer (Phasor)Compute sequence components (positive, negative, and zero) of three-phase phasor signal
THD信号の全高調波歪み (THD) を計算
OvermodulationAdd third harmonic or triplen harmonic zero-sequence signal to three-phase signal
Pulse Generator (Thyristor)Generate pulses for twelve-pulse and six-pulse thyristor converters
PWM Generator (2-Level)Generate pulses for PWM-controlled 2-level converter
PWM Generator (3-Level)Generate pulses for PWM-controlled three-level converter
PWM Generator (DC-DC)PWM 制御の DC-DC コンバーターのパルスを生成する
PWM Generator (Interpolation)Carrier-based unipolar PWM generation with interpolation (R2019b 以降)
PWM Generator (Multilevel)Generate pulses for PWM-controlled modular multilevel converter
PWM Generator (Pulse Averaging)Carrier-based PWM generator with pulse averaging (R2019b 以降)
Sawtooth Generator一定の間隔でノコギリ波形を生成
Stair Generator指定された遷移時間で変化する信号を生成
SVPWM Generator (2-Level)SVPWM 制御の 2 レベル コンバーターのパルスを生成する
SVPWM Generator (3-Level)Generate pulses for SVPWM-controlled three-level converter
Three-Phase Programmable GeneratorGenerate three-phase signal with programmable time variation of amplitude, phase, frequency, and harmonics
Three-Phase Sine GeneratorGenerate three-phase balanced signal, amplitude, phase, and frequency controlled by block inputs
Triangle Generator一定の間隔で対称三角波形を生成
Alpha-Beta-Zero to dq0, dq0 to Alpha-Beta-Zeroαβ0 静止基準座標系から dq0 回転基準座標系への変換またはその逆の変換を実行
abc to Alpha-Beta-Zero, Alpha-Beta-Zero to abc三相 (abc) 信号から αβ0 静止基準座標系への変換またはその逆の変換を実行
abc to dq0, dq0 to abc三相 (abc) 信号から dq0 回転基準座標系への変換またはその逆の変換を実行
First-Order Filter1 次フィルターを実装
Lead-Lag Filter1 次リードラグ フィルターを実装
Second-Order Filter2 次フィルターを実装する
Second-Order Filter (Variable-Tuned)Implement second-order variable-tuned filter
PLLDetermine frequency and fundamental component of signal phase angle
PLL (3ph)Determine frequency and fundamental component of three-phase signal phase angle
BistableImplement prioritized S-R flip-flop (bistable multivibrator)
Edge Detector論理信号の状態の変化を検出
Monostable単安定フリップフロップ (ワンショット マルチバイブレーター) を実装する
On/Off Delayスイッチオンとスイッチオフの遅延を実装
Sample and HoldSample first input and hold its value based on value of second input
Discrete Shift RegisterImplement serial-in, parallel-out shift register
Discrete Variable Time DelayDelay signal by variable time value


power_fftscopeFourier analysis of simulation data signals
power_flickerPerform statistical analysis of instantaneous flicker level signal
power_zmeterモデルの Impedance Measurement ブロックによるインピーダンスの周波数特性を計算


  • Park 変換

    Park 変換を使用して、直軸、横軸、およびゼロ相成分を位相量として表現する。

  • 可変速モーター制御のシミュレーション

    特殊ブロックを使用して簡単なモーターのモデル作成と離散化を行います。Powergui ブロックの FFT Analysis ツールを使用して高調波解析を実行します。