Analyze, design, and verify mixed-signal systems

Mixed-signal engineers use MATLAB® and Simulink® for behavioral modeling, rapid design exploration, predesign analysis, and verification of mixed-signal systems.

MATLAB and Simulink have been used in mixed-signal development for over a decade, and there are many examples of engineers successfully using them for commercial ADC, DAC, PLL, SERDES, and other mixed-signal system design and verification.

With MATLAB and Simulink, you can:

  • Create top-down behavioral models of PLLs, DACs, ADCs, SERDES, and other mixed-signal systems
  • Evaluate analog-digital design tradeoffs
  • Link system-level models to EDA tools
  • Verify designs before producing test chips

Download the Mixed-Signal Library

Build and verify your systems with the mixed-signal library, which includes AMS components, examples, and tutorials.

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