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Signal Logging and Test Point Monitoring

Track data values and state activity

Log local data, output data, and state self-activity by using signal logging. Monitor and access data from your Stateflow® chart or from the MATLAB® workspace.


Stateflow.SimulationData.DataData values during simulation
Stateflow.SimulationData.StateState activity during simulation


Log Simulation Output for States and Data

Enable signal logging, configure states and data, and access the simulation output.

View State Activity by Using the Simulation Data Inspector

Monitor active state data through the Simulation Data Inspector.

View Stateflow States in the Logic Analyzer

Monitor Stateflow states using the Logic Analyzer app.

Log String Data to the Simulation Data Inspector

View text strings in the Simulation Data Inspector and in the MATLAB workspace.

Log Data in Library Charts

Override logging properties in chart instances linked from a library.

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