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dsp.FFTDiscrete Fourier transform
dsp.HDLIFFTInverse fast Fourier transform — optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFFTFast Fourier transform — optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.IFFT逆離散フーリエ変換 (IDFT)
dsp.ISTFTInverse short-time FFT
dsp.STFTShort-time FFT
dsp.ZoomFFT High-resolution FFT of a portion of a spectrum



Complex CepstrumCompute complex cepstrum of input
FFT入力の高速フーリエ変換 (FFT)
IFFT入力の逆フーリエ高速変換 (IFFT)
Inverse Short-Time FFTRecover time-domain signals by performing inverse short-time, fast Fourier transform (FFT)
Magnitude FFTCompute nonparametric estimate of spectrum using periodogram method
Real CepstrumCompute real cepstrum of input
Short-Time FFTNonparametric estimate of spectrum using short-time, fast Fourier transform (FFT) method
Zoom FFTHigh-resolution FFT of a portion of a spectrum
FFT HDL OptimizedComputes fast fourier transform (FFT) and generates optimized HDL code
IFFT HDL Optimized逆フーリエ高速変換の計算と最適化された HDL コードの生成
DCTDiscrete cosine transform (DCT) of input
DWT入力の離散ウェーブレット変換 (DWT) またはより小さい帯域幅およびより低速なサンプル レートのサブバンドへの信号の分解
IDCTInverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT) of input
IDWTInverse discrete wavelet transform (IDWT) of input or reconstruct signals from subbands with smaller bandwidths and slower sample rates



この例では、FFT ブロックを使用して時間領域データを周波数領域に変換する方法について説明します。

Transform Frequency-Domain Data into Time Domain

When you want to transform frequency-domain data into the time domain, use the IFFT block.

Linear and Bit-Reversed Output Order

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Delay and Latency

Configure the Simulink® environment to minimize delay and increase simulation performance.

Variable-Size Signal Support DSP System Objects

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