Hardware Support

Vehicle Network Toolbox supports National Instruments® CAN interface hardware using the latest version of the National Instruments and NI-XNET driver library. You must first download and install this library from the NI website. The table below lists the hardware supported by the latest release of Vehicle Network Toolbox.

With the National Instruments CAN interface support, you can perform the following tasks in MATLAB or Simulink:

  • Transmit and receive CAN and XCP messages
  • Pack and unpack CAN messages for simplified decoding and encoding
  • Filter, log, and replay CAN messages
  • Use .dbc database and A2L description files
  • Find and display CAN interface device settings

In MATLAB and Simulink, you can transmit and receive CAN messages using the CAN FD standard if the CAN interface hardware supports CAN FD.

If you do not see your specific hardware device listed below, please click the Request Hardware Support button at the bottom of the page. For detailed information about a board listed here, visit the National Instruments web site. Note: Devices that use the NI-CAN driver can only be used in release 2015b or earlier.

Bus/Form Factor Product Name NI Driver Type
CompactDAQ NI 9860 (CAN only) NI-XNET
  NI 9861 NI-XNET
  NI 9862 NI-XNET
  PCI-8511/2 NI-XNET
  PCI-8512 NI-XNET
  PCI-8512/2 NI-XNET
  PCI-8513 NI-XNET
  PCI-8513/2 NI-XNET
  PXI-8511/2 NI-XNET
  PXI-8512 NI-XNET
  PXI-8512/2 NI-XNET
  PXI-8513 NI-XNET
  PXI-8513/2 NI-XNET
PXIe PXIe-8510 (CAN only) NI-XNET
  USB-8502 NI-XNET
  USB-9861 NI-XNET
  USB-9862 NI-XNET