What Is Powertrain Blockset?

Powertrain Blockset provides a library of automotive components as well as pre-assembled engine dynamometer and complete vehicle models for fast desktop simulation and real-time HIL testing. 

The Powertrain library includes the components essential for modeling automotive systems.  You can assemble these library blocks to create a complete engine subsystem.  You can then connect this engine with other components to create a complete vehicle model that you can simulate under a variety of test conditions. 

Powertrain Blockset also provides virtual dynamometer reference applications.  You can use them to generate steady state engine maps and check if it meets requirements.  For example, the initial calibration may not meet the torque command.  You can use other built-in experiments to automatically calibrate inputs such as the throttle and wastegate to match the commanded torque.  These virtual experiments can save you significant time by proving out the calibration procedures and creating initial calibration maps before you begin testing the real hardware. 

Finally, Powertrain Blockset includes complete vehicle reference applications for fuel economy analyses and controls development.  These models capture important physical effects such as turbo windup, while achieving fast simulation performance.  The models are open and can be customized.  You can parameterize components with your own data, look under block masks or modify the contents of a subsystem to include additional effects relevant to your project.  You can even replace entire subsystems with your own models, for example, a custom drivetrain created using Simscape products.  With these reference applications, you can quickly assess the impact of design changes at the system level. 

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Recorded: 8 Mar 2017