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Class: Simulink.VariantManager
Package: Simulink

Find variables used in variant control expressions



This method requires Variant Manager for Simulink®.


vars = Simulink.VariantManager.findVariantControlVars(model) returns the variant control variables used by variant blocks and variant parameters in the model, Model. If the variant control is a Simulink.Variant object, then the variables are retrieved from the variant condition within the object.

vars = Simulink.VariantManager.findVariantControlVars(model,'SearchReferencedModels','off') disables the search in referenced models. By default, this search is enabled across the model hierarchy.

Input Arguments

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Model name for which variant control variables must be found, specified as a character vector or string.

Data Types: char | string

Option to search in referenced models within the given model, specified as 'on' or 'off'. By default, search is enabled for referenced models.

Output Arguments

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Variant control variables for model, returned as an N-by-1 structure with the following fields:

  • Name — Name of the variable used in the variant control expression.

  • Value — Value of the variable. This field is 0 if the variable is not defined in the global workspace of the model.

  • Exists — Logical value that indicates if the variable is defined in the global workspace of the model. If the variable is defined in the global workspace, this value is true; otherwise false.

  • Source — Value is either base workspace or the name of the data dictionary where the variable is stored.

  • SourceType — Value is either base workspace or data dictionary depending on where the variable is stored.


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Open the model slexVariantManagement.

model = 'slexVariantManagement';

Find the variant control variables.

vars = Simulink.VariantManager.findVariantControlVars(model)
vars=6×1 struct array with fields:

Version History

Introduced in R2015a