Hardware Support

Capabilities and Features

Use Model-Based Design with MATLAB® and Simulink® to significantly reduce hardware-software codesign development time for systems based on Xilinx® Zynq® All Programmable SoCs and RFSoCs.

Move from concept, to code, to production using MathWorks hardware support, which offers:

Supported Platforms and Workflows

Applications and Capabilities Supported Zynq Platforms  Hardware Support Solutions

General Zynq Programming



Wireless and Software-Defined Radio

  • RF data streaming for signal analysis and algorithm testing
  • Code generation for radio deployment on hardware



Motor Control

  • Motor control solution design



Video Processing

Design and prototype vision systems

  • Stream HDMI signals into Simulink to explore designs with real data
  • Target video processing algorithms to Zynq from Simulink

To learn more about workflows for Xilinx FPGAs, visit mathworks.com/xilinx.