Hardware Support

Using Teledyne DALSA® cameras with MATLAB® and Simulink®, you can capture live video and images directly into your image processing and computer vision workflows.

The table below lists the supported frame grabbers on 64-bit Windows® systems. For detailed information about a frame grabber listed here, please visit the Teledyne DALSA Web site.

Image Acquisition Toolbox™ requires Sapera LT. See Third-Party Requirements to find out which version is required for your MATLAB release.

Supported Hardware

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Interface Product Name MATLAB Releases Supported
 Analog PC2-COMP Express R2013a - Current
  PC2-Vision Express R2013a - R2018a
  PC2-Vision R2013a - R2018a
  Xcelera-AN LX1 Quad R2013a - R2018a
  X64-AN Quad R2013a - R2018a
 Camera Link PC2-Camlink R2011a - R2015b (32-bit only)
  Xcelera-CL PX4 Dual R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL PX4 Full R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL PX4 SE R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL+ PX8 Full R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL LX1 Base R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-HS PX8 R2011a - Current
  X64-CL Dual R2011a - Current
  X64-CL Express R2011a - Current
  X64-CL Full R2011a - Current
  X64-CL iPro R2011a - Current
 LVDS/RS-422 X64-LVDS R2011a - R2015b (32-bit only)
  Xcelera-LVDS PX4 R2011a - Current

Platform and Release Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability.