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WLAN Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test the physical layer of WLAN communications systems


WLAN Toolbox™ provides standard-compliant functions for the design, simulation, analysis, and testing of wireless LAN communications systems. The toolbox provides configurable physical layer waveforms for IEEE 802.11ax/ac/ad/ah and 802.11b/a/g/n/j/p standards. It also provides transmitter, channel modeling, and receiver operations, including channel coding, modulation (OFDM, DSSS, and CCK), spatial stream mapping, channel models (TGax, TGac, TGah, and TGn), and MIMO receivers.

You can generate multiple types of signals, including high-efficiency (HE), very-high-throughput (VHT), high-throughput (HT-mixed), legacy (non-HT), directional multigigabit (DMG), and sub 1 GHz (S1G). You can also perform signal measurements such as channel power, spectrum mask, and occupied bandwidth, and create test benches for the end-to-end simulation of WLAN communications links.

The toolbox provides reference designs to help you explore baseband specifications and study the effects of RF designs and interference sources on system performance. Using WLAN Toolbox with RF instruments or hardware support packages, you can connect your transmitter and receiver models to radio devices and verify your designs via over-the-air transmission and reception.

Waveform Generation

Generate a variety of standard-compliant Wi-Fi waveforms.

Supported 802.11 Standards

Generate IEEE 802.11ax/ac/ad/ah/j/p/n/g/a/b waveforms. Use generated waveforms to test Wi-Fi systems and as a golden reference for implementation.

Generating DMG, S1G, VHT, HT-mixed, and non-HT waveforms.

PPDU Packet Formats

Specify multiple formats (HE, VHT, HT-mixed, non-HT, DMG, S1G, OFDM, DSSS, and CCK) and generate each individual preamble and data field.

WLAN packet structure with data and preamble fields.

Link-Level Simulation

Perform link-level simulations for IEEE 802.11ax/ac/ad/ah/n/j/p/g/a standards. Analyze link performance by computing the packet error rate (PER), bit error rate (BER), and throughput metrics.

Propagation Channel Models

Characterize and simulate TGax, TGac, TGah, and TGn multipath fading channels.

WLAN channel models.

Packet error rate simulation for an 8x8 channel.


Apply beamforming to improve the link-level performance. Apply transmit beamforming to focus energy towards a receiver. Use receive beamforming to improve the SNR by pointing receiver's main beam towards transmitter.

Transmit beamforming with channel sounding.

Test and Measurement 

Build test models and perform transmitter and receiver measurements.

Transmitter Measurements

Perform transmitter modulation accuracy and spectrum emission mask and flatness measurements.

802.11ad transmitter spectral emission mask testing.

Receiver Measurements

Perform receiver minimum input sensitivity tests.

802.11ac receiver minimum input sensitivity test.

Signal Recovery 

Recover signal information and perform receiver operations.

Receiver Design

Perform frame synchronization, frequency offset correction, channel estimation and equalization, and common error phase tracking. Demodulate and decode signaling and data fields.

802.11ac signal recovery with preamble decoding.

Wi-Fi Beacons

Recover 802.11 OFDM non-HT based beacon packets.

802.11 OFDM beacon frame generation.


Perform waveform generation and end-to-end link level simulation for the IEEE 802.11ax standard.

Signal Generation

Parameterize and generate different IEEE 802.11ax high efficiency (HE) format packets.

MAC and PHY Modeling

Generate data, management, and control frames.

MAC Frame Generation

Generate IEEE® 802.11™ MAC frames and verify the contents of MAC frames are as expected.

802.11 MAC frame generation.

Open, Customizable Algorithms

Use WLAN customizable and editable algorithms as golden references for design verification. Generate C code from open MATLAB algorithms. 

Open MATLAB Code

Use the comprehensive set of transmitter, channel model, and receiver operations that are expressed as open and customizable MATLAB code.

Open and customizable MATLAB code.

C/C++ Code Generation

Generate C code to accelerate simulation, obtain C source code for implementation, or use as a standalone executable.

C/C++ code generation.

Radio Connectivity

Connect your transmitter and receiver models to radio devices, and verify your designs via over-the-air transmission and reception.

Over-the-Air Transmission

Transmit WLAN waveforms from MATLAB using RF instruments or software-defined radios (SDR).

Transmitting 802.11 OFDM beacon frames using Analog Devices AD936x SDR.

Over-the-Air Reception

Acquire and analyze over-the-air received signals in MATLAB using RF instruments or software-defined radios.

Receive 802.11 OFDM beacon frames using USRP® SDR.

Latest Features

IEEE 802.11ax Support

Generate IEEE 802.11ax (Draft 2.0) high-efficiency (HE) waveforms and simulate end-to-end links

MAC Frame Support

Generate data, management, and control frames

IEEE TGay Channel Model Example

Simulate an end-to-end, DMG format WLAN link over a TGay millimeter wave channel

IEEE 802.11ad RF Beamforming Example

Simulate an end-to-end, DMG format WLAN link with RF beamforming

IEEE 802.11p V2V Link Example

Simulate an end-to-end link over a vehicular channel model


See the release notes for details on any of these features and corresponding functions.

WLAN System Toolbox™ は、規格に準拠した、無線 LAN 通信システムの設計、シミュレーション、解析、検証向けの機能を備えています。このツールボックスでは、IEEE 802.11ac/ad/ah および 802.11b/a/g/n/j/p 規格に対応した物理層の波形を使用できます。チャネル符号化、変調 (OFDM、DSSS および CCK)、空間ストリーム マッピング、チャネル モデル (Tgac、TGah、TGn、TGax)、 および MIMOを含む送信機、チャネルのモデリングおよび受信機のオペレーションにも対応しています。

また、very-high-throughput (VHT)、ハhigh-throughput (HT-mixed)レガシー (non-HT)、Directional Multi-Gigabit (DMG)、および Sub 1 GHz (S1G) の信号の生成、および VHT、HT-mixed、non-HT OFDM 信号の復調を行うことができます。チャネル電力、スペクトル マスクおよび占有帯域幅などの計測を実行し、無線 LAN 通信リンクのエンドツーエンドのシミュレーションのためのテスト ベンチを作成することも可能です。

このツールボックスには、リファレンス設計が用意されています。これにより、ベースバンド仕様の調査およびシステム パフォーマンスに対する RF 設計の影響と干渉源を調査することができます。また、WLAN System Toolbox のハードウェア サポート パッケージを使用すると、自身の送信機モデルおよび受信機モデルを無線デバイスに接続し、無線通信による送受信を介して設計を検証することができます。

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