Polyspace Products

Polyspace Is for Software Testing and Code Analysis

Polyspace products provide a unified solution for managing, measuring, and monitoring your software quality throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Exhaustively verify most critical C, C++, and Ada code statements.
  • Identify hundreds of C/C++ code vulnerabilities.
  • Check coding rules, including MISRA C™ 2012, AUTOSAR C++14, and CERT® C/C++.
  • Author, manage, and execute test cases and measure code coverage on the host and hardware target.
  • Analyze software architecture implementation.

Polyspace Is for Safe, Secure, Reliable, and High-Performing Software

Polyspace products provide testing and code verification capabilities that help software engineering teams achieve these quality requirements in a single environment.

  • Ensure software reliability by assessing code quality.
  • Increase software security by identifying critical vulnerabilities.
  • Improve software functional correctness by achieving requirement-based testing.
  • Develop performant software by profiling execution and identifying suboptimal code.
  • Support for safety and security standards such as DO-178C, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434.

Polyspace Is for Every Development Process

Polyspace products can be integrated into software factories, from IDE to continuous integration (CI) pipelines, in the cloud or on-premises, with many development tools, such as Jira or GitHub, to manage quality issues efficiently.

  • Check the code quality within the IDE.
  • Move towards Test Driven Development (TDD) with xUnit testing API.
  • Test and verify automatically generated and human-written software.
  • Automate test execution and code verification in CI pipelines.
  • Apply standard software quality criteria along your supply chain.

Polyspace Is for Efficient Software Engineering Teams

Polyspace products help software engineers improve their coding and testing skills through comprehensive documentation, remediation recommendations, and collaboration on software quality.

  • Increase software developers' coding skills by learning from coding flaws in their IDE.
  • Equip quality engineers with a unified platform to measure code quality and achieve testing requirements.
  • Enable software architects to verify the code implementation of the architectural design.
  • Support DevOps engineers in integrating software quality tools into their software factory.
  • Provide software engineering managers with a unified view of the quality of projects.

Polyspace Is for Supporting Embedded Projects Across Industries


Ensure consistent software quality of all car components across the Automotive supply chain. Verify embedded software quality related to all domains, including chassis, passive or active safety, powertrain, and EV/BMS.

Aerospace and Defense

Assess the dependability of software embedded into satellites, airplanes, helicopters, and other defense systems, which is crucial for mission success.

Medical Devices

Confirm the quality of embedded software for infusion pumps, implanted therapy systems, robotic platforms, and other life-critical medical devices. Fulfill IEC 62304 credits, up to class III devices.

Semiconductor and Communication

Verify business-critical systems are robust and minimize the attack surface with high-quality software.