Requirements-Based Testing Workflow Example

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This example workflow shows you how to get started with systematic, requirements-based testing using Simulink.

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This example workflow shows users how to get started with systematic, requirements-based testing using Simulink Verification and Validation products.
In Part 1, users will learn how to:
- create a test harness
- create a temporal assessment to define pass/fail criteria
- create a test case using the harness and the assessment
- link the test case to the requirement
- execute the created test case to determine whether the test passed
In Part 2, users will learn how to:
- execute a test suite using Simulink® Test™
- measure model test coverage
- generate tests to analyze missing test coverage
- resolve missing test coverage
- ensure test coverage is based on the requirements
This example is a MATLAB Project. You can launch the example from the file named 'Requirements_Based_Testing_Example.prj'.
If you do not have access to these products, please request a free trial:


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