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This toolbox is a collection of Simulink virtual envrionments designed to aid in the teaching of basic concepts in mobile robotics

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Library of virtual envrionments designed to aid in the teaching of basic concepts in robotics along with re-usable lessons and other robotics demos.
MATLAB APP available through the app menu after install to help get started.
Lessons for:
- Intro to MATLAB
- Basic robot movements
- Intro to Simulink
- Teleoperation robot controls
- Programming distance sensors
- Programming custom behavior
- Intro to Stateflow (Flow Diagrams)
- Maze solving robots
VEX Clawbot simulation demos for:
- Teleoperation and Control
- Simulation of Autonomous Algorithms
- Autonomous Behavior with Active Perception
BEST Robotics Online Game 2020 - Outbreak
- Game Template for Keyboard Control
- Game Template for Gamepad Control
- Game Template for Autonomous Control
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at


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examples/lessons/Unit 3 Intro to Simulink/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 4 Robot Controls/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 5 Using a Distance Sensor/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 6 Using MATLAB Functions/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 7 Intro to Stateflow/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 8 Maze Solving Robot/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 9 Clawbot Pick and Place/Exercises

examples/lessons/Unit 9 Clawbot Pick and Place/Solutions








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