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モーション プランニング

UAV ミッションの飛行軌跡と姿勢の計画

制約とコスト最適化を使用して飛行軌跡を生成します。UAV ミッションの障害物回避を実行します。


controllerVFH3DAvoid obstacles using 3D vector field histogram (R2022b 以降)
uavDubinsConnectionDubins path connection for UAV (R2019b 以降)
uavDubinsPathSegmentDubins path segment connecting two poses of UAV (R2019b 以降)
minsnappolytrajGenerate minimum snap trajectory through waypoints (R2021b 以降)
minjerkpolytrajGenerate minimum jerk trajectory through waypoints (R2021b 以降)
waypointTrajectoryウェイポイント軌跡ジェネレーター (R2020b 以降)
polynomialTrajectoryPiecewise-polynomial trajectory generator (R2023a 以降)


Obstacle AvoidanceCompute obstacle-free direction using range sensor data and target position (R2021b 以降)


  • Generate Random 3-D Occupancy Map for UAV Motion Planning

    This example shows how to generate a random 3-D occupancy map by automatically adding the desired number of obstacles of varying dimensions at random positions on the map. You can then use the generated map for UAV motion planning using algorithms like RRT, RRT* and Hybrid A*.