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Simulate Mobile Robot with System Composer Workflow

Along with other tools, System Composer™ can help you organize and link requirements, design and allocate architecture models, analyze the system, and implement the design in Simulink®. Follow this tutorial for the early phase of development of an autonomous mobile robot.

  1. Organize and Link Requirements: Set up the requirements based on market research using Requirements Toolbox™.

  2. Design Architecture Models: Create architecture models to help organize algorithms and hardware.

  3. Define Stereotypes and Perform Analysis: Define stereotypes and perform system analysis to ensure that the life expectancy of the durable components in the robot meets the customer-specified mean time before repair.

  4. Simulate Architectural Behavior: Create a Simulink model to simulate realistic behavior of the mobile robot.

This workflow is represented by the left side of the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) design diagram.

modeling 1.png


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