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Close any or all Simulink system windows unconditionally


bdclose closes the current system window unconditionally and without confirmation. Any changes made to the system since it was last saved are lost. To find out the current system, use gcs. If a model was only loaded, bdclose clears the model from memory.


bdclose(sys) closes the specified system window, discarding all changes.

bdclose('all') closes all open system windows, discarding all changes.


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Open the vdp system. Then, close it without saving any changes.


Input Arguments

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System to close, specified as a character vector, string scalar, or cell array. To specify multiple systems to close, specify a cell array of system names.

Example: bdclose("vdp")

Example: bdclose({'vdp','f14'})

Data Types: char | string | cell

Compatibility Considerations

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Behavior changed in R2019b

Introduced before R2006a