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Generate single A2L file for model by merging A2L files generated for top model and referenced models



[status, info] = rtw.asap2MergeMdlRefs(TopModel, FileName) generates a single A2L file for TopModel by merging the A2L files of the top model and referenced models, saving the single A2L file as FileName.a2l.


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Generate a single A2L file for the model by merging A2L files generated for referenced models.

% merge A2L files into single A2L file and save with custom name
[status, info] = rtw.asap2MergeMdlRefs('modelName','modelasap.a2l')
status = 

info = 
  0*0 empty char array

Input Arguments

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Name of the model.

Example: 'mymodel', 'systemModel'

Custom name for the generated A2L file.

Example: 'modeldata.a2l', 'systemdata.a2l'

Output Arguments

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Outputs the status of the A2L file merge. 0 indicate that the A2L file merge was successful and 1 indicates it was not.

Outputs the list of objects missed while merging the top model A2L file and the referenced model A2L file.

Introduced in R2012a