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GNSS データを利用した位置推定

関数 gnssconstellationreceiverposition を使用して、GNSS データから位置を計算します。

rinexreadsemread などの GNSS ファイル リーダー関数を使用して、RINEX、SEM、YUMA、および Galileo アルマナック ファイルから衛星航法データと観測データを読み取ります。



gnssconstellationSatellite locations at specified time (R2021a 以降)
receiverpositionEstimate GNSS receiver position and velocity (R2021a 以降)
lookanglesSatellite look angles from receiver and satellite positions (R2021a 以降)
pseudorangesPseudoranges between GNSS receiver and satellites (R2021a 以降)
skyplotPlot satellite azimuth and elevation data (R2021a 以降)
extractNMEASentenceVerify and extract NMEA sentence data into string array (R2021b 以降)
rinexreadRead data from RINEX file (R2022a 以降)
rinexinfoGet information about RINEX file (R2022a 以降)
semreadRead data from SEM almanac file (R2022b 以降)
yumareadRead data from YUMA almanac file (R2023a 以降)
galalmanacreadRead data from Galileo XML almanac file (R2023b 以降)


gnssSensorSimulate GNSS to generate position and velocity readings (R2020b 以降)
gnssMeasurementGeneratorSimulate GNSS measurements for scenarios (R2023a 以降)
gpsSensorGPS receiver simulation model (R2019b 以降)
gpsdevConnect to a GPS receiver connected to host computer (R2020b 以降)
nmeaParserParse data from standard and manufacturer-specific NMEA sentences sent from marine electronic devices (R2020b 以降)


GPSノイズのある GPS センサー読み取りのシミュレーション (R2021b 以降)


  • GNSS シミュレーションの概要

    全地球航法衛星システム (GNSS) シミュレーションでは、受信機の位置推定を生成します。

  • Analyze GNSS Satellite Visibility

    This example shows how to simulate and analyze GNSS satellite visibility at specified receiver positions and times using a GNSS/GPS ephemeris or almanac file. Use the live script controls to set various parameters for the satellite simulation.

  • Simulate GPS Sensor Noise

    This example shows how to use the GPS block to add GPS sensor noise to position and velocity inputs in Simulink®.

  • Estimate GNSS Receiver Position with Simulated Satellite Constellations

    Track the position of a ground vehicle using a simulated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. The satellites are simulated using the satelliteScenario (Satellite Communications Toolbox) object, the satellite signal processing of the receiver are simulated using the lookangles and pseudoranges functions, and the receiver position is estimated with the receiverposition function.

  • Plot Position of GNSS Receiver Using Live NMEA Data or NMEA Log File

    This example shows how to parse information from NMEA sentences and use the obtained information to plot the location. In this example, you use the nmeaParser system object available in Navigation Toolbox™ to: