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compareCompare identified model output and measured output
compareOptionsOption set for compare
goodnessOfFitGoodness of fit between test and reference data for analysis and validation of identified models
predict拡張カルマン フィルター、アンセンテッド カルマン フィルター、または粒子フィルターを使用した次のタイム ステップにおける状態および状態推定誤差の共分散の予測
predictOptionsOption set for predict
simSimulate response of identified model
simOptionsOption set for sim
findstatesEstimate initial states of model
findstatesOptionsOption set for findstates
data2stateMap past data to states of state-space and nonlinear ARX models
idparCreate parameter for initial states and input level estimation



Compare Simulated Output with Measured Validation Data

This example shows how to validate an estimated model by comparing the simulated model output with measured data that was not used for the original estimation.

Plot Models in the System Identification App

To create one or more plots of your models, select the corresponding check box in the Model Views area of the System Identification app. An active model icon has a thick line in the icon, while an inactive model has a thin line. Only active models appear on the selected plots.


Estimate Initial Conditions for Simulating Identified Models

Estimate initial conditions for use in simulations executed from the command line, from Simulink®, and from the System Identification app.

Reproduce Command Line or System Identification App Simulation Results in Simulink

Resolve differences between simulation results when comparing command-line or System Identification model outputs with Simulink outputs.


Supported Model Plots

Examine available plot types and corresponding supported models.

Compute Model Uncertainty

Compute model parameter uncertainty of linear models.

Toolbox Preferences Editor

Set plot preferences that persist from session to session.