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Read coordinate reference system (CRS) data from RoadRunner HD map using MATLAB

Since R2023a



    crs = readCRS(rrMap) reads the coordinate reference system data from the RoadRunner HD map rrMap.

    This function requires Mapping Toolbox™.


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    Create a RoadRunner HD map, represented by a roadrunnerHDMap object. Specify an author and spatial bounds for the geometric data attributes of the map.

    rrMap = roadrunnerHDMap(Author="Map Author",GeographicBoundary=[-0.782 -3.13 0; 101.565 50 0]);

    Read the CRS data from the RoadRunner HD map file using the readCRS function and generate a projcrs object.

    crs = readCRS(rrMap);
      projcrs with properties:
                        Name: "WGS 84 / Transverse Mercator"
               GeographicCRS: [1×1 geocrs]
            ProjectionMethod: "Transverse Mercator"
                  LengthUnit: "meter"
        ProjectionParameters: [1×1]

    Input Arguments

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    RoadRunner HD Map road data model, specified as a roadrunnerHDMap object. rrMap defines a simple data structure to represent road layouts using lanes, lane boundaries, lane markings, and junctions. This object provides functions that support reading, writing, and plotting HD map data.

    Output Arguments

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    Coordinate reference system (CRS), returned as one of these objects:

    • geocrs — Returned by a file that contains geographic CRS data.

    • projcrs — Returned by a file that contains projected CRS data.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a