Hardware Support

MATLAB supports PicoScope hardware through the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for PicoScope hardware provided by Pico Technology. PicoScope offers a range of compact USB-powered oscilloscopes including models with high bandwidth and high sampling rate. Many devices also include a built-in arbitrary waveform generator (AWG).

The Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for PicoScope hardware allows you to perform the following tasks in MATLAB:

  • Read data from the oscilloscope channels
  • Write data to the built-in AWG
  • Set the sampling rate of the device
  • Configure advanced triggering options (3000 Series only)

Devices supported by this support package include:

Supported Devices (2000 Series) Supported Devices (3000 and 4000 Series) Supported Devices (5000 and 6000 Series)
PicoScope 2104 PicoScope 3203D PicoScope 5242A/B/D/D MSO
PicoScope 2105 PicoScope 3203D MSO PicoScope 5243A/B/D/D
PicoScope 2202 PicoScope 3204 MSO/D MSO PicoScope 5244A/B/D/D MSO
PicoScope 2203 PicoScope 3204A/B/D PicoScope 5442A/B/D/D MSO
PicoScope 2204 PicoScope 3205 MSO/D MSO PicoScope 5443A/B/D/D MSO
PicoScope 2204A PicoScope 3205A/B/D PicoScope 5444A/B/D/D MSO
PicoScope 2205 PicoScope 3206 MSO/D MSO PicoScope 6402
PicoScope 2205A PicoScope 3206A/B/D PicoScope 6402A/B/C/D
PicoScope 2205 MSO PicoScope 3207A/B PicoScope 6403
PicoScope 2205A MSO PicoScope 3403D PicoScope 6403A/B/C/D
PicoScope 2206A/B/B MSO PicoScope 3403D MSO PicoScope 6404
PicoScope 2207A/B/B MSO PicoScope 3404A/B/D PicoScope 6404A/B/C/D
PicoScope 2208A/B/B MSO PicoScope 3404D MSO PicoScope 6407
PicoScope 2405A PicoScope 3405A/B/D  
PicoScope 2406B PicoScope 3405D MSO  
PicoScope 2407B PicoScope 3406A/B/D  
PicoScope 2408B PicoScope 3406D MSO  
  PicoScope 4224  
  PicoScope 4224 IEPE  
  PicoScope 4225  
  PicoScope 4225A  
  PicoScope 4262  
  PicoScope 4424  
  PicoScope 4425  
  PicoScope 4425A  
  PicoScope 4426  
  PicoScope 4427  
  PicoScope 4444  
  PicoScope 4824