Hardware Support

Capabilities and Features

The DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB, available from Data Translation, allows you to interface MATLAB with Data Translation hardware. You can configure a Data Translation DAQ module from within MATLAB and access the analog and digital I/O features of the device.

About Data Translation

Data Translation manufactures high-performance, high-accuracy, general purpose, and low-cost data acquisition hardware. They offer a wide range of both USB "plug-and-play" and PCI-based data acquisition modules, from low-cost to high-performance.

Supported Hardware

DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB can be used with all of Data Translation’s USB and PCI hardware that support their DT-Open Layers.

Platform and Release Support

An adaptor is available for MATLAB R2016a and later with 64-bit Microsoft Windows systems only. A legacy adaptor is also available for MATLAB R2015b and earlier with 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows systems running 32-bit MATLAB. Download both from Data Translation.

Data Translation hardware

Easy connections with USB and BNC allow fast, efficient measurements.