What Is Fixed-Point Designer?

Fixed-Point Designer provides data types and tools for developing fixed-point algorithms in MATLAB® code, Simulink® models, and Stateflow® charts.

Fixed-Point Designer provides you with full control of all the fixed-point properties like word length and scaling.

You can also control the details of the math, such as rounding and overflow.

You can specify these attributes manually, or let the designer propose these for you.

You can specify data type ranges using design minimums and maximums or simulation results.

With Fixed-Point Designer you can perform bit-true simulations to assess and optimize your fixed-point design vs. the floating-point baseline.

Fixed-Point Designer provides a large number of functions such as math and bitwise operations, CORDIC implementations, and trigonometric functions to support fixed-point computation.

It also supports system toolboxes such as DSP System Toolbox™ and others.

The cast and like functions let you separate MATLAB algorithms from their data type specifications to quickly explore design tradeoffs.

You can also instrument your MATLAB code to log minimum and maximum values and get proposed data types.

These instrumentation functions generate log2 histograms to determine the word lengths and fraction lengths for your fixed-point values.

Using Fixed-Point Designer with MathWorks coder products, you can generate pure integer C code or bit-true Verilog® and VHDL® code from your fixed-point design.

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