C2000 Microcontroller Blockset


Product Highlights

Designing and Deploying C2000 Microcontroller Applications

Model embedded application software, generate real-time executables from your models, and run them on C2000 microcontrollers.

Peripheral Support

Model applications with on-chip and on-board peripherals such as ADC, digital I/O, ePWM, SPI, I2C, eCAP, eQEP, and more.

Signal Monitoring and Parameter Tuning

Perform real-time signal monitoring and parameter tuning using the Monitor and Tune feature.

Multicore Architecture Modeling

Partition algorithms for multicore execution with IPC and Control Law Accelerator (CLA) blocks.

Connected I/O Simulation

Connect your Simulink model directly to supported hardware for live I/O data exchange.

Code Verification and Validation

Perform code verification and validation using processor-in-the-loop tests with execution profiling (with Embedded Coder).

Supported Microcontroller Families

C2000 Microcontroller Blockset supports the following TI C2000 32-bit microcontroller families. The LaunchPads and controlCARDs for these MCUs are also supported, including most board peripherals.

TI C2000 Generation 2 Microcontrollers TI C2000 Generation 3 Microcontrollers TI C2000 Concerto Microcontrollers
  • F2806x
  • F2805x
  • F2803x
  • F2802x
  • F2833x
  • F281x
  • F280x
  • F2834x
  • F2838xD
  • F2838xS
  • F2837xD
  • F2837xS
  • F28004x
  • F28002x
  • F2807x
  • F28003x
  • F28M35x
  • F28M36x

“MathWorks tools enabled us to verify the quality of our design at multiple stages of development, and to produce a high-quality component within a short time frame.”

Markus Schertler, ATB Technologies