Signal Processing Toolbox

Perform signal processing and analysis

Signal Processing Tools and Apps

Visualize and analyze multiple signals simultaneously in time, frequency, and time-frequency domains, and obtain actionable insights, without writing any code.

Feature Engineering for Signal Analytics

Detect abrupt changes or statistical shifts in signals, characterize spectral content, identify patterns or trends, and automate signal measurement tasks to generate features from signals or time-series data.

Code-Generation Compatible

Automatically generate C/C++ code from your signal processing algorithms. 

300+ Signal Processing Routines

Use the hundreds of routines included in the product to customize signal processing tasks and gain insights.


Product Capabilities

Signal Generation and Preprocessing

Create, resample, smooth, denoise, and detrend signals

Measurements and Feature Extraction

Peaks, signal statistics, pulse and transition metrics, power, bandwidth, distortion

Correlation and Convolution

Cross-correlation, autocorrelation, cross-covariance, autocovariance, linear and circular convolution

Function list

Digital and Analog Filters

FIR and IIR, single-rate and multirate filter design, analysis, and implementation


Fourier, chirp-Z, DCT, Hilbert, cepstrum, Walsh-Hadamard

Spectral Analysis

Power spectrum, coherence, time-frequency analysis, windows

Signal Modeling

Linear prediction, autoregressive (AR) models, Yule-Walker, Levinson-Durbin

Vibration Analysis

Order and frequency maps, order tracking, order spectra, frequency-response functions, modal analysis

Signal Processing Toolbox in Action

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