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My responsibility is to provide the best support for an application based on flight log parsing and analysis, Computer vision, Image processing
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add audio to a static image
Hey, The problem with your code seems to be that you’re not setting the frames per second parameter. If you don’t set it, the...

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How to detect vehicles passing a virtual line in a video
Hey, It is my understanding that you want to build a vehicle detection model, which can count the number of vehicles crossing...

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Comparing two excel files!
Hey, Here’s the code that compares 2 different excel files and stores the occurrence/index of any difference. [~,~,raw1] =...

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Motion Detector by frame substraction
Hey, It seems, you need help with the Motion detection model in which detection is done using frame by frame subtraction. ...

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How to calculate cumulative sum based on pattern in Matlab?
Hey, It’s my understanding that you want to use parameters like energy_con, charging_rate, duration, pattern etc to simulate ...

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how to create an array from a given array with the following criteria.
Say given array is [1 2 3]. I want to create an array with the elements [1 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 6 3 4 5 6 7], In others terms I wa...

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