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Shayan Sepahvand

TA, Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran

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Live in Tehran, Iran.


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Can anyone please help me with the error in the code
Hi, the first argument of covar(sys, w) should be some LTI system (discrete in your case), I suggest you to first derive the...

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Compute the following using elementwise operations on a vector:
Hi, X = 0; for i = 1:100 X_t = 1/(2^(i-1)); X = X_t + X; end X

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Array indices must be positive integers or logical values. Error in ecgtest (line 9) chestNoDC=chest1(0:10000)- meanChest;
Hi, The first element of a vector is addressed by 1, not 0: (one-based indexing not zero-based) X = ones(1000,1); X = [1:20]%...

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row of a random size matrix
Use this code: [m, n] = size(X);% X is that random matrix row_mat = zeros(m, 1); for i = 1:m row_mat = X(i,:); end row...

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Plot step response of discrete signal
Dear Luke, If you take the z-transform of both sides, you will get: then define a vector using ones(.) and set it as X. For...

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