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BatteryBehavioral battery model
Battery (Table-Based)Tabulated battery model
Controlled Current Source (Three-Phase)理想的な三相制御電流源
Controlled Voltage Source (Three-Phase)理想的な三相制御電圧源
Current Sourceオプションの DC、AC、およびノイズ成分をもつ電流源
Current Source (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase current source
ElectrolyzerElectric load for electrolyzer (R2022a 以降)
Fuel CellFuel cell electrical system (R2021a 以降)
Negative Supply RailIdeal negative supply rail
Load Flow SourceThree-phase voltage source for performing load flow analysis (R2019b 以降)
Piecewise Linear Current SourceTime-dependent current source using lookup table
Piecewise Linear Voltage SourceTime-dependent voltage source using lookup table
Positive Supply RailIdeal positive supply rail
Programmable Voltage SourceSingle-phase AC voltage source with optional programmable magnitude, frequency, phase shift and DC offset
Programmable Voltage Source (Three-Phase)Three-phase voltage source with optional programmable AC magnitude, frequency, and phase shift
Pulse Current SourcePeriodic square wave current source
Pulse Voltage SourcePeriodic square wave voltage source
Solar CellPhotovoltaic solar cell
Voltage Sourceオプションの DC、AC、およびノイズ成分をもつ電圧源
Voltage Source (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase voltage source with optional harmonics