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General Control​


離散および連続コントローラー、フィルター、Function ブロックを使用して、エレクトロニクス、メカトロニクス、および電力システムの制御アルゴリズムを開発します。



Discrete PI Controller外部アンチワインドアップ入力をもつ離散時間 PI コントローラー
Discrete PI Controller with Integral Anti-Windup積分アンチワインドアップをもつ離散時間 PI 制御
Model Reference Adaptive ControllerDiscrete-time PID-based model reference adaptive control
RST ControllerPredictive control using a polynomial representation
Sliding Mode Controllerヒステリシスベースのスライディング モード コントローラー
Smith Predictor ControllerDiscrete-time Smith dead-time compensator
State-Feedback ControllerDiscrete-time state-feedback controller with integral action
Low-Pass Filter (Discrete or Continuous)離散時間または連続時間のローパス フィルター
Second-Order FilterDiscrete-time or continuous-time low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, or band-stop second-order filter
Second-Order Low-Pass Filter (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time second-order low-pass filter
Variable-Frequency Second-Order FilterDiscrete-time or continuous-time variable-frequency second-order filter
Washout (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time washout or high-pass filter
Change DetectorBoolean signal change detector
Filtered Derivative (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time filtered derivative
Fourier AnalysisDiscrete or continuous time Fourier analysis
Integrator (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time integrator
Integrator with Wrapped State (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time integrator with wrapped state
Lead-Lag (Discrete or Continuous)Discrete-time or continuous-time lead-lag compensator
Monostable Flip-FlopRaising edge, falling edge, either edge monostable flip-flop
Moving Average移動平均の値の計算
Moving Average (Variable Frequency)Variable frequency moving average-value computation
On-Off DelayBoolean-signal delay
Serial-In Parallel-Out Shift RegisterDiscrete-time serial-in, parallel-out shift register
Set-Reset Flip-FlopSet-reset flip-flop or bistable multivibrator
Signal Sample and Hold離散時間または連続時間の信号のサンプルとホールド
Programmable Signal Generator (Three-Phase)Discrete-time or continuous-time three-phase sinusoidal signal generator with programmable magnitude, phase, frequency, and overlapping harmonics
Sine Wave Generator (Three-Phase)Discrete-time or continuous-time three-phase sine wave generator
Stair GeneratorDiscrete-time or continuous-time stair signal generator