mlreportgen.ppt.FontColor class

Package: mlreportgen.ppt

Font color of presentation element


Specifies the font color of a presentation element.


colorObj = FontColor() creates a black font color object.

colorObj = FontColor(color) creates a font color object based on the specified CSS color name.

Input Arguments

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Font color, specified as a character vector. You can use:

  • The name of a color. The name must be a CSS color name. See

  • Hexadecimal RGB (red, green, blue) color value. Use the format #RRGGBB. Use # as the first character and two-digit hexadecimal numbers each for the red, green, and blue values. For example, '#0000ff' specifies blue.

Output Arguments

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Font color for presentation element, returned as an mlreportgen.ppt.FontColor object.


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This read-only property specifies a hexadecimal RGB color value. For example, '#8b008b' specifies dark magenta. You can use either uppercase or lowercase letters as part of a hexadecimal value.

ID for PPT API object, specified as a character vector. A session-unique ID is generated as part of object creation. You can specify an ID to replace the generated ID.

Tag for this PPT API object, specified as a character vector. The generated tag has the form CLASS:ID, where CLASS is the object class and ID is the value of the Id property of the object.

An example of a reason for specifying your own tag value is to make it easier to identify where an issue occurred during presentation generation.

A CSS color name or a hexadecimal RGB value, specified as a character vector

  • For a list of CSS color names, see

  • To specify a hexadecimal RGB format, use # as the first character and two-digit hexadecimal numbers for each the red, green, and blue value. For example, '#0000ff' specifies blue.


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Create a presentation.

import mlreportgen.ppt.*

slidesFile = 'myFontColorPresentation.pptx';
slides = Presentation(slidesFile);

titleSlide = add(slides,'Title and Content');

Create a paragraph and append text with colored text.

p = Paragraph('Hello World');

tRed = Text(' red text');
tRed.Style = {FontColor('red')};

tBlue = Text(' blue text');
tBlue.Style = {FontColor('#0000ff')};

Add the paragraph to the slide and close the presentation.



Open myFontColorPresentation.pptx. On a Windows® platform, you can open the presentation in MATLAB®:

if ispc

Introduced in R2015b