MATLAB Selected to Provide High-Performance Computing Capabilities

Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing uses MATLAB to open up HPC network to all universities and thousands of researchers in Sweden

Natick, Mass. - (19 May 2014)

MathWorks today announced that the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) has selected MATLAB and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server as vehicles to enable researchers at all Swedish universities to utilize resources at the national data centers for high-performance computing (HPC) and to more effectively collaborate with colleagues across the country.

SNIC is a national research infrastructure created to provide a balanced and cost-efficient set of resources and user support for large-scale computation and data storage. With data centers located at six key research universities, SNIC meets the needs of researchers from all scientific disciplines through an open-application procedure to ensure that the best research is supported.

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server is available in SNIC's six data centers, allowing researchers to run their computationally intensive MATLAB programs on SNIC's high-performance computing clusters. Researchers will be able to develop parallel MATLAB applications on their own computers and then scale them to SNIC's infrastructure from within the MATLAB environment.

"MATLAB is a key data analysis tool for many researchers in the Sweden community. The addition of MATLAB and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server to SNIC opens up this high-performance computing infrastructure to thousands of researchers across Sweden," said Peter Münger, associate scientific director of the National Supercomputer Centre at Linköping University, one of the six SNIC centers. "Now, researchers can reduce the time to solution in a scalable manner without having to become parallel programming or HPC experts."

"MathWorks is pleased to enable this first-of-its-kind access arrangement with a nation," said Silvina Grad-Freilich, senior manager for parallel-computing marketing at MathWorks. "At many of Sweden's universities, MATLAB is already widely accessible. The addition of MATLAB Distributed Computing Server to SNIC to tie the universities together for increased collaboration and HPC access is a logical next step for MATLAB to add continuous value to customers."

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