Video and Webinar Series

How to Design Motor Controllers Using Simscape Electrical

This video series will show you how you can model BLDC motors, investigate motor characteristics such as back-EMF voltage and torque, and design speed controllers using Simscape Electrical™.

Simulating Back-EMF Voltage of a BLDC Motor You can model a BLDC motor using Simscape Electrical and investigate its back-EMF profile.

Modeling a Three-Phase Inverter Learn how you can model a three-phase inverter using Simscape Electrical.

Modeling Commutation Logic In this video, you’ll learn how to model commutation logic and also build a feedback control loop to control the speed of a BLDC motor using Simscape Electrical.

Modeling a PWM-Controlled Buck Converter Learn how to model a PWM-controlled buck converter for controlling the speed of a BLDC motor.

An Alternative Implementation of PWM Control This video demonstrates how you can modulate the three-phase voltages directly using PWM control.

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