Video and Webinar Series

Getting Started with Simulink 3D Animation

Get started with Simulink 3D Animation™, which provides apps for linking Simulink® models and MATLAB® algorithms to 3D graphics objects. Learn how to build a Simulink model, a 3D World in VRML5, and connect a Simulink model with 3D World. Examples include simulating damped oscillations and visualizing temparature.

Build a Simulink Model Model a bouncing ball from concept to Simulink model.

Build a 3D World in VRML Create a 3D world in VRML consisting of the ball and a hard floor using V-Realm Builder.

Connect Simulink Model with 3D World Animate a 3D world authored in VRML with Simulink signals.

Damped Oscillations Modify the contact equations to model the damping of the bouncing ball.

Temperature Visualization Visualize the heating of the surface owing to the energy loss of the ball.