Video and Webinar Series

Designing Mixed-Signal Systems using MATLAB and Simulink

This four-part webinar series illustrates how MATLAB & Simulink can be used to design and model typical analog/mixed-signal systems (AMS). Each 20 minute webinar discusses the challenges of mixed-signal simulation, and modeling best practices that can be used for designing many common AMS systems.

PLL Design with MATLAB and Simulink PLL simulations are often slow, lengthening project development time. To speed up PLL design, engineers are using MathWorks tools. These tools model feedback efficiently, allow analog and digital components to be simulated together, and have abstract

SERDES Design with MATLAB and Simulink Linking system-level and circuit-level design tools can lead to faster time-to-market, earlier error detection, and reduced development costs. In this webinar, MathWorks engineers show how these benefits have been achieved and provide examples.