MATLAB® is a language and interactive environment for developing algorithms, analyzing and visualizing data, and performing numerical computation.

You can import data into MATLAB from files, other applications or external devices.

Once your data is in MATLAB, you can explore and analyze it through built-in engineering and mathematical functions and plots and visualizations.

The MATLAB language supports the vector and matrix operations that are fundamental to engineering and scientific problems. Commands can be executed one at a time, providing immediate results. This lets you explore multiple approaches, and iterate to an optimal solution. You can create scripts and functions to reuse and automate your work. Development tools allow you to implement your algorithms efficiently and optimize their performance.

MATLAB provides the features of a traditional programming language as well as layout tools for designing custom graphical user interfaces.

Add-on toolboxes extend the MATLAB environment to solve problems in a range of applications, including:

  • Signal processing and communications
  • Video and image processing
  • Control design
  • And computational biology

MATLAB provides features for sharing your work.

MATLAB code and results can be automatically published. Algorithms and applications can be distributed as standalone executables, components for integration in other software environments, such as Excel, or as portable C code for algorithms using a subset of the MATLAB language.

Over one million people around the world use MATLAB.  By combining a powerful computational engine and programming environment with interactive tools, MATLAB has become the language of technical computing.

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