Autonomous Navigation for Mobile Robots and UGV

Examples for creating autonomous navigation software stacks for mobile robots and UGV using MATLAB and Simulink

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更新 2021/7/16

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Autonomous Navigation for Mobile Robots and UGV

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This GitHub® repository contains MATLAB® and Simulink® examples for developing autonomous navigation software stacks for mobile robots and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). The examples contained in this submission demonstrate how to interact with ROS-enabled robots and equivalent simulations to design and test a software stack for autonomous navigation of a Turtlebot3.

Topics covered in this collection of scripts and models include:

Creating Maps for Autonomous Navigation

  • Create Maps from Numerical Arrays
  • Create Maps from Images
  • Control ROS-Based Robots to Acquire Lidar Scans
  • Import and Plot ROS Data from a rosbag
  • Integrate rosbag Recordings Into Simulations
  • Create Maps From Lidar Scans using SLAM

Motion Planning and Path Following

  • Simulate Waypoint Following Controller Using Pure Pursuit
  • Command ROS Robot to Follow Waypoints Using Pure Pursuit
  • Generate Path Between Two Locations Using a PRM Planner
  • Simulate Path Planning and Following
  • Test Path Planner + Follower in ROS Robot
  • Simulate Obstacle Avoidance Using VFH Controller
  • Test Obstacle Avoidance on ROS Robot
  • Simulate Complete Path Navigation Stack
  • Test Complete Path Navigation Stack in ROS Robot
  • Simulate Path Re-Planning Scheduler Using Stateflow®
  • Test Re-Planning Scheduler in ROS Robot

Trajectory Generation

  • Interpolate Smooth Paths from Critical Navigation Waypoints
  • Simulate Smooth Path Navigation
  • Navigate Environment Using a Polynomial Trajectory
  • Navigate Environment Using a Trapezoidal Velocity Trajectory

Localization and SLAM

  • Design and test SLAM in Robots powered by ROS
  • Generate Custom SLAM ROS Nodes

To learn more about the MATLAB/Simulink toolboxes used in this submission, visit the following documentation pages:


MathWorks Student Competitions Team (2023). Autonomous Navigation for Mobile Robots and UGV (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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