Microgrid Energy Management System (EMS) using Optimization

Online optimization of energy storage actions in a microgrid given system constraints and pricing
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更新 2020/4/17

Energy management systems (EMS) help to optimize the usages of distributed energy resources (DERs) in microgrids, particularly when variable pricing and generation are involved. This example walks through the process of developing an optimization routine that uses forecast pricing and loading conditions to optimally store/sell energy from a grid-scale battery system. Two approaches are demonstrated: a heuristic state machine strategy and the linear program-based optimization approach.

The main example uses a full microgrid simulation for validation of the EMS optimization algorithm. However, there is a purely MATLAB/Optimization Toolbox example that shows the formulation of the optimization without the validation study.


Jonathan LeSage (2024). Microgrid Energy Management System (EMS) using Optimization (https://github.com/jonlesage/Microgrid-EMS-Optimization/releases/tag/v19.1.0), GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2019b
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See release notes for this release on GitHub: https://github.com/jonlesage/Microgrid-EMS-Optimization/releases/tag/v19.1.0


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