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SaivDr Package

version (9.73 MB) by Shogo Muramatsu
System object definitions for sparsity-aware image and volumetric data restoration


Updated 27 Aug 2018

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System object definitions for sparsity-aware image and volumetric data restoration

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NsoltDesignerFrqTestCase fails on R2017a. Details are as follows.

If PARPOOL starts automatically when MYTEST is executed, an error occurs in the second test of NsoltDesignerFrqTestCase. I am investigating the cause right now.

For now, this problem is avoided by running PARPOOL before running MYTEST.

Fixed compatibility issues with data designed with conventional version.

I'm maintaining this package to solve problems related to code generation.
I'm tring to exclude the automatic MEX code generation function and prepare the code generation script MYBUILD instead. Currently, the following issues are recognized.

- IMFILTER function of MATLAB R2017a has a bug with circular boundary extension mode.
This bug affects to some classes in saivdr.dictionary.udhaar.*.
Please search #BUG: 1554862 on

- Parallel Computing Toolbox of MATLAB R2016b has a bug on search path settings.
This bug affects to class
Please search #BUG: 1446838 on

MYTEST fails when CODEGEN operations are called many times during the process.
Try MYTEST until all MEX files are compiled.
We'll fix this problem.

It's been verified for this package to work with R2014a through "mytest" script.

It is recognized that disp_sweepresults.m in examples/icassp2013_rev and examples/icip2013_rev would fail after executing the following scripts:

- examples/icassp2013_rev/main_haarimip
- examples/icassp2013_rev/main_nsoltimip
- examples/icassp2013_rev/main_udhaarimip
- examples/icip2013_rev/main_nsoltimdb
- examples/icip2013_rev/main_nsoltimip
- examples/icip2013_rev/main_nsoltimsr
- examples/icip2013_rev/main_udhaarimdb
- examples/icip2013_rev/main_udhaarimip
- examples/icip2013_rev/main_udhaarimsr

This is because the above scripts use the same file name as the MAT files distrubuted along with this package and overwrite them for storing the results.

This bug can be avoided by renaming the file names in the above scripts.

It'll be fixed in next release.

saivdr.utility.StepMonitoringSystem has a problem for showing result images. It causes from inproper data type conversion.

L.145 should be as follows:

obj.hResImg = imshow(im2uint8(resImg));

In next release, it will be fixed.


- SaivDr20180827
-- (Major) Added wrapper classes for parallel processing
--- saivdr.dictionary.olaols.*
--- saivdr.utility.OlsOlaProcess2d
--- saivdr.utility.OlsOlaProcess3d

- SaivDr20170504
-- (Major) Excluded the automatic MEX code generation functions
--- Prepared the code generation script MYBUILD instead
-- (Minor) Revised header comments of each file

- SaivDr20160610
-- (Minor) Removed the dependency on Global Optimization Toolbox when GA is not used
-- (Minor) Added new sample codes
--- examples/icip2016

- SaivDr20160314
-- (Minor) Clarified the array dimension for code generation in R2016a
-- (Minor) Fixed test method calling

- SaivDr20151126
-- (Major) Migrated to GitHub
-- (Major) Option 'GradObj' became available for a single-level Type-I NSOLT
-- (Minor) Fixed a bug of frequency domain synthesis operations

- SaivDr20150902
-- (Minor) Fixed a bug and revised to support boundary operation of DecimationSystem and BlurSystem
-- (Minor) Added SURE-LET denoising scripts in examples/dirlot

- SaivDr20150610
-- (Major) Frequency domain analysis and synthesis operations became available
-- (Major) Different numbers settings became available for decimation factors

Added some empty folders which are used for storing some data but were unexpectedly removed from the package after uploading.

Added some empty folders which are used for storing some data but were unexpectedly removed from the package after uploading.

Required Products were revised.

- SaivDr20141206
-- (Major) Thoroughly revised NSOLT and NS-GenLOT codes for acceleration
-- (Major) 3-D Volume data processing became available
-- (Major) Type-II NSOLT with ps < pa became available

- SaivDr20140512
-- (Minor) Fixed a bug in a support function and updated data in examples/icassp2014

- SaivDr20140315
-- (Major) Added NS-GenLOT and DirLOT system classes
-- (Major) Introduced a new package for mixture of unitary transforms
-- (Minor) Added some sample codes in examples/icassp2014
-- etc.

- SaivDr20140202
-- (Minor) Fixed the name of the root folder.

- SaivDr20140202
-- (Major) Fixed some classes under saivdr.dictionary.nsolt.* to run without MATLAB Coder
-- (Minor) Fixed overwriting problem of files under examples
-- etc.

- SaivDr20140122
-- (Major) {GradientPursuit,IterativeHardThresholding}With{Nsolt,UdHaar} were removed and integrated into a new class {GradientPursuit,IterativeHardThresholding}.
-- (Minor) Bug in StepMonitoringSystem was fixed.
-- etc.

- SaivDr20140118
-- HTML document of Quickstart was revised.

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Created with R2015b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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