Smart Manufacturing Robotics Cyber Physical System

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Industry 4.0 as the Towers of Hanoi, where three blocks with local control emerge in a sorted order.

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更新 2020/4/27


A pick and place machine is modeled to provide services of moving blocks either one or two positions over. The objective is to move a stack of three colored blocks from one location to the next such that the final stack is ordered according to color and size. The ordering is an emerging behavior based on local control for each of the blocks. As such, this is a distributed version of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle which is an example of a cyber-physical system.

A detailed industry grade network model based on EtherCAT and TCP/IP allows control of the packet error rate (PER) to test the robustness of the model when the network is unreliable.

Stereoscopic vision of a video stream of the virtual world enables the machine to first locate where the stack of blocks is. Feedforward control allows a quick pick and place action. Feedback control is used to move the blocks between locations. A pneumatic airflow is modeled to enable the machine to pick and move the blocks.


Pieter Mosterman (2022). Smart Manufacturing Robotics Cyber Physical System (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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