Articulated Robot Design with Simscape

This repository shows how to create a system-level parametric articulated robot model to accelerate Computer Aided Design (CAD) development.
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Articulated Robot Design with Simscape

This project shows how to create a system-level simplified parametric articulated robot model in Simscape™ Multibody™ to accelerate Computer Aided Design (CAD) development. Articulated robots are an integral part of various industries, ranging from manufacturing and assembly to healthcare and research. The development of articulated robots involves the design, control, and implementation of mechanical systems capable of performing precise tasks. Mechanical designers often use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models to evaluate a design. To meet all the functional requirements, the CAD design process is generally iterative and can be time consuming. You can accelerate the development process by starting with a system-level analysis to evaluate your options.

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This project contains a system-level simplified parametric robot model for stacking operation. Run this model for pre-defined stacking scenarios or create custom trajectories to see the robot trace a path as per your choice.

To design your own articulated robot, you can leverage the existing custom library blocks or create your new custom blocks.

The project contains custom library blocks such Link, L-Link, Rotating Base With Bracket and Two Finger Gripper. The custom library blocks serve as early-stage or system-level mechanical design tools for quick prototyping and development of a simplified parametric articulated robot. The custom library blocks use the foundation of Simscape Multibody. You can parameterize custom library blocks to suit your application and assemble the parameterized blocks to build integrated robot models.

This project contains workflows where you learn how to:

  1. Determine the work envelope for an articulated robot.

  1. Perform a parameter sensitivity analysis for the robot work envelope to predict how the system performance depends on key design parameters


  1. Evaluate the actuator rating for an articulated robot.

  2. Perform a Stacking Operation with an Articulated Robot


  • Clone the project repository.
  • Open ArticulatedRobotSimscape.prj to get started with the project.
  • Requires MATLAB® release R2023a or newer.

Copyright 2023 - 2024 The MathWorks, Inc.


MathWorks Simscape Team (2024). Articulated Robot Design with Simscape (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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