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C/C++ S-Function の作成

C または C++ コードを使用した S-Function の作成

C/C++ S-Function を作成するには S-Function を最初から記述するか、S-Function Builder を使用するか、レガシ コード ツールを使用します。これらの各アプローチには、S-Function を記述する手軽さと S-Function でサポートされる機能間のトレードオフが伴います。


S-Functionモデルに S-Function を追加
S-Function BuilderC または C++ コードを統合して S-Function を作成する


C/C++ S-Function について

Create a Basic C MEX S-Function

Construct the code to create an S-function.

Simulink Engine Interaction with C S-Functions

Learn how the Simulink® engine interacts with a C S-function to create and debug your own C S-functions.

S-Function Callback Methods

Implement S-function callback methods.

S-Function SimStruct Functions

Access Simulink data structure through SimStruct macros and functions.

C S-Function の作成

Templates for C S-Functions

Use code templates as starting points for writing your own C S-functions.

C MEX S-Function Examples

Model systems through C MEX S-function examples.

S-Function Examples

Create various types of S-functions and S-function features.

MATLAB Data in C S-Functions

Perform mxArray manipulation in C S-functions.

Convert Level-1 C MEX S-Functions

Convert S-functions written for earlier Simulink releases to work with the current version.

C++ S-Function の作成

Create C++ Source File

Create a C++ S-function from a C S-function.

Make C++ Objects Persistent

Create C++ objects that persist across invocations of the S-function.

Build C++ S-Functions

Build a C++ S-function.