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C Caller

Insert information about C Caller block contents


This component displays tables with information about the C functions used by a C Function block.

By default, the component reports:

  • The name of the C function called by the C Caller block

  • The Description parameter and any custom mask parameters

  • The port properties associated with the C Caller block

  • The C code that the C Caller block invokes

You can specify the parameters to report and customize the generated tables.

For details about C Caller blocks, see the C Caller block reference page.

Object Properties Table

  • Include block object properties: Generates a table with block object property information.

  • Title: Choose a title to display in the generated report:

    • Automatic: Uses the parameter name as the title.

    • Custom: Specifies a custom title.

    • None: Uses no title.

  • Header row: Select a header row for the table in the generated report.

    • No header: Includes no header row

    • Type and Name: Includes a header row with columns for the name and object type

    • Custom: Includes a custom header

  • Properties list: Specify whether to have Report Explorer select properties automatically or to list the properties to report on.

    • Determine properties automatically: Let the Report Explorer automatically select the properties to report. The Report Explorer reports the C Function block parameter dialog box prompt properties.

    • Show properties: Specify a list of properties to report. Enter the names of the C Function block properties that you want the report to include.

      Property names often differ from the Simulink® dialog box prompts. To determine the property names of a C Function block, select the block and enter this code at the MATLAB® command line:


  • Display property names as prompts: Display the property names as prompts in the generated report. The report includes the dialog box string instead of the underlying code property.

  • Don't display empty values: Exclude the empty parameters in the generated report.

Symbols Table

  • Include symbols table: Generate a table with information about the symbols used by the C Function block.

  • Table title: Specifies the table title in the generated report.

    • Automatic: Use the automatically generated title.

    • Custom: Specify a custom title.

  • Grid lines: Show grid lines for the table.

  • Spans page width: Make the table as wide as the page.

  • Column alignment: Align the text in each column.

    • Left

    • Center

    • Right

    • Double justified

    You can select any value present from the drop-down list. By default, the Column alignment option is set to Left.

Output, Start, and Terminate Code

  • Include output code: Include the code that the C Function block executes during simulation.

  • Include start code: Include the initialization code of the C Function block.

  • Include terminate code: Include the cleanup code that the C Function block runs at model termination.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Tables and code.