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mlreportgen.dom.LinkTarget class

Package: mlreportgen.dom

Target for internal or external links or image area links


A target to use for internal and external links and for image area links. You can specify a LinkTarget object when you construct an mlreportgen.dom.InternalLink or mlreportgen.dom.ImageArea object.

The mlreportgen.dom.LinkTarget class is a handle class.




targetObj = LinkTarget(name) creates a link target with the specified name.

Input Arguments

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Name of a link target, specified as a character vector or string scalar.


To generate a link target name that is valid for all report types, use mlreportgen.utils.normalizeLinkID. The generated name conforms to the Microsoft® Word limitation on ID length and the PDF requirement that an ID begin with an alphabetic character.

Word replaces spaces in link target names with underscore characters. Avoid spaces in link target names in Word reports.

To set up a link target for an external link:

  • In a Word report, specify a Word bookmark.

  • In an HTML report, specify an HTML named anchor (for example, <a name='appendix'/>).


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Custom attributes of this document element, specified as an array of mlreportgen.dom.CustomAttribute objects. The custom attributes must be supported by the output format.

ID for this document element, specified as a character vector or string scalar. The DOM generates a session-unique ID when it creates the document element. You can specify your own ID.

See name input argument.

Format objects that specify the format of a document element.

The style specified by styleName must be defined in the template used to create the document element to which this link target is appended.

Tag for this document element, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

The DOM generates a session-unique tag as part of the creation of this object. The generated tag has the form CLASS:ID, where CLASS is the object class and ID is the value of the Id property of the object. Specifying your own tag value can help you to identify where an issue occurred during document generation.

Whether this object is the target of an mlreportgen.dom.XRef object in an mlreportgen.dom.Document or object of type PDF, specified as a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false). For example see Use Cross-Reference Elements in a PDF Report.


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Define a link target at the top of the report and add an internal link to that target.

import mlreportgen.dom.*
import mlreportgen.utils.*
d = Document('mydoc','pdf');

p = Paragraph('This is my paragraph');
linkID = normalizeLinkID('home');

p = Paragraph('This is another paragraph');
p.Style = {PageBreakBefore(true)};
append(d,InternalLink(linkID,'Go to Top'));


Version History

Introduced in R2014b

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