.NET Client Programming

Create client programs in .NET

The MATLAB® Production Server™ .NET client API allows you to evaluate MATLAB functions on remote servers using native .NET data. You can choose to two styles of API to evaluate a MATLAB function:

  • static proxy — you provide an interface that models the MATLAB function signature. This enforces passing the proper data types to the function at compile time.

  • dynamic proxy — you pass the function name as a parameter to the proxy along with the function arguments. This defers type checking until runtime.

For an overview of how to create client programs, see Create a .NET MATLAB Production Server Client.

For a complete example of a client implementation, see Create a C# Client.

In an on-premise MATLAB Production Server installation, the client APIs are located in $MPS_INSTALL/client, where $MPS_INSTALL is the MATLAB Production Server installation location. The client APIs are also available at https://www.mathworks.com/products/matlab-production-server/client-libraries.html.

Examples and How To

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Access Secure Programs Using HTTPS

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