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Remove custom UI component from App Designer

Since R2021a



    appdesigner.customcomponent.removeMetadata(classfile) removes the App Designer metadata for the custom UI component class specified by classfile. This removes the component from the App Designer Component Library.

    Calling this function has an effect only if the UI component class was previously configured using the appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadata function.


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    Assume you created a custom UI component class saved as IPAddressComponent.m in the folder C:\MyComponents, and configured the component for use in App Designer using the appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadata function. Remove the UI component class metadata.


    When you call this function, it removes the metadata associated with the IPAddressComponent class from the appDesigner.json file in the resources folder that was created when you configured the component. This removes the IPAddressComponent from the App Designer Component Library.

    Input Arguments

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    Path to UI component class file, specified as a character vector or string scalar. classfile can be an absolute or relative path.

    Example: 'C:\MyComponents\IPAddressComponent.m'

    Example: "IPAddressComponent.m"

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a