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Remove High-Frequency Noise from Gyroscope Data

This example shows how to remove the high-frequency outliers from a streaming signal using the dsp.MedianFilter System object?.

Use the dsp.MatFileReader System object to read the gyroscope MAT file. The gyroscope MAT file contains 3 columns of data, with each column containing 7140 samples. The three columns represent the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis data from the gyroscope motion sensor. Choose a frame size of 714 samples so that each column of the data contains 10 frames. The dsp.MedianFilter System object uses a window length of 10. Create a timescope object to view the filtered output.

reader = dsp.MatFileReader('SamplesPerFrame',714,'Filename','LSM9DS1gyroData73.mat',...
medFilt = dsp.MedianFilter(10);
scope = timescope('NumInputPorts',1,'SampleRate',119,'YLimits',[-300 300],...
    'ChannelNames',{'Input','Filtered Output'},...

Filter the gyroscope data using the dsp.MedianFilter System object. View the filtered Z-axis data in the time scope.

for i = 1:10
    gyroData = reader();
    filteredData = medFilt(gyroData);

The original data contains several outliers. Zoom in on the data to confirm that the median filter removes all the outliers.

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