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MATLAB Compiler SDK Python Target Requirements

System and Product Requirements

System Dependencies

The following products must be installed alongside MATLAB® Compiler SDK™:


  • MATLAB Compiler™

MATLAB Compiler SDK requires MATLAB Runtime during execution. You can include MATLAB Runtime in an installer for your Python package or install it separately. For details, see Install and Configure MATLAB Runtime.

Supported Python Versions

  • Python® 3.8

  • Python 3.9

  • Python 3.10

For an up-to-date list of Python versions supported by MATLAB Compiler SDK, see MATLAB Supported Interfaces to Other Languages. You can download and install Python from


Note: MathWorks does not support CPython versions installed from the Microsoft® store. For additional information, see Configure Your System to Use Python.

Data API

The matlab Python module facilitates data exchange between MATLAB and Python. The matlab module can be accessed within your Python code if you have either MATLAB or MATLAB Runtime Runtime installed on your system, and their respective installation paths are included in your system's environment variables (PATH). For more information about converting between Python and MATLAB data types, see Pass Data Between MATLAB and Python.

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