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Initialize MATLAB Runtime instance associated with library


bool libraryInitialize(void) 
bool libraryInitializeWithHandlers( 
             mclOutputHandlerFcn error_handler, 
             mclOutputHandlerFcn print_handler) 


Each generated library has its own MATLAB® Runtime instance. These two functions, libraryInitialize and libraryInitializeWithHandlers initialize the MATLAB Runtime instance associated with library. Users must call one of these functions after calling mclInitializeApplication and before calling any of the compiled functions exported by the library. Each returns a boolean indicating whether or notmcli initialization was successful. If they return false, calling any further compiled functions result in unpredictable behavior. libraryInitializeWithHandlers allows users to specify how to handle error messages and printed text. The functions passed to libraryInitializeWithHandlers are installed in the MATLAB Runtime instance and called whenever error text or regular text is to be output.


if (!libmatrixInitialize())
            "An error occurred while initializing: \n %s ",
    return -2;
Introduced in R2009a