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Test and Measurement

Bluetooth transmitter and receiver testing, support for software-defined radio (SDR)

Bluetooth® Toolbox provides features and reference examples to perform verification, performance analysis, radio frequency (RF) testing of the Bluetooth basic rate/enhanced data rate (BR/EDR), and RF physical layer (RF-PHY) testing of low energy (LE) communication systems. The examples featured here also show you how to connect a software-defined radio (SDR) with Bluetooth Toolbox.

Use the test and measurement and SDR capabilities of the toolbox to:

  • Generate and configure Bluetooth LE RF-PHY test parameters.

  • Generate Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE test waveforms.

  • Perform Bluetooth BR/EDR RF and Bluetooth LE RF-PHY transmitter and receiver testing.

  • Generate, transmit, and receive Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE waveforms by using the ADALM-PLUTO radio.

Block diagram showing how to perform radio frequency (RF) physical layer (PHY) receiver tests specific to blocking, intermodulation and carrier-to-interference (C/I)


Bluetooth LE Waveform GeneratorCreate, impair, visualize, and export Bluetooth LE waveforms (Since R2022a)
Bluetooth BR/EDR Waveform GeneratorCreate, impair, visualize, and export Bluetooth BR/EDR waveforms (Since R2023a)


Waveform From Wireless Waveform Generator AppWireless waveform source exported to Simulink (Since R2022a)


bluetoothTestWaveformGenerate Bluetooth BR/EDR or LE test waveform (Since R2022a)
bluetoothTestWaveformValidateValidate Bluetooth LE RF-PHY test waveform (Since R2024a)


bluetoothTestWaveformConfigBluetooth BR/EDR or LE test waveform configuration parameters (Since R2022a)
bluetoothRFPHYTestConfigBluetooth LE RF-PHY test configuration parameters (Since R2022a)